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Gathering Place Bulletin Board
of the Worldwide Enneagram Community

How to Use

The purpose of this website is to provide a place for dialogue and inquiry, furthering understanding of ourselves and others through the Enneagram. In ancient times, we learned about people and life ways through the passing along of stories or myths. We shared our cosmology in a circle around the tribal fire or at a common gathering place such as the village well. The wisdom of Enneagram is best experienced and communicated through the Oral Tradition of self-disclosure (telling our stories). Here at the Essential Enneagram website, we'll have a chance to do just that. The Gathering Place Bulletin Board is a way of expanding the circle of our Enneagram community.

Not everyone has a circle or Enneagram resources easily available to him/her. Here, on the Gathering Place Bulletin Board, you can ask questions about the Enneagram related to your self, work and business, spirituality, and intimate relationship. You can share your own stories and Enneagram lore. Our circle consists of the greater "community" who access the web site. The true "experts" in the Enneagram are those who inhabit the nine points or personality types. In order to learn more about honoring human diversity, we have an opportunity to go to the source(s) with our questions. A teacher certified in the Oral Tradition Enneagram by Helen Palmer (myself and others) will monitor the Gathering Place Bulletin Board and act as a resource and facilitator.

For general information about Lynette Sheppard, upcoming classes, events, and Enneagram resources, as well as information on all nine personality types and the application of the Enneagram in personal growth, work, relationship, and spiritual aspects, just click here.

How To Use:

To Post a Message on the Bulletin Board:

1. click on the icon titled "Post Message".

2. Put in your name, email address, subject, and message in the spaces provided. Important note: If you do not wish your name to appear on the Bulletin Board, use initials or a pseudonym.

3. Scroll down and click on dialogue box labeled "Post Message".

4. That's all there is to it. To see your message on the Board, select "Reload" when you return to the Bulletin Board page.

To Post A Follow-up Message
(to reply to or comment on posted message on bulletin board.)

1. Click at top of page - "Post a Follow-Up". Put in your name (or a pseudonym if you don't wish to use your real name), your email address, and in the comments box, you'll see the message. Put cursor in front of message in the same box, and begin typing your reply.

2. When finished, scroll to bottom of page and click dialogue box marked "Submit Follow-Up". Hooray, You are finished. Many thanks.

3. Select "Reload" to see your follow-up message when you return to the Bulletin Board page.

Any other questions or problems, contact Lynette Sheppard at 707 765-5794 or
email her at


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